artist's statement





eva schmidt





back    In my work thus far I have been drawn to relationships and spaces. The spaces are the settings, the backdrops for the relationships and emotions I am exploring. My photos have always been, no matter the subject, about sharing the things I think shouldn't be overlooked. I am greatly intrigued by the idea of a scene set up by one hand and reinterpreted by my own eye, then presented to another for dialog. They are little moments, interesting details, a mood created by space that I try to capture. I humor and celebrate the capsulated pieces of daily noise and treasures that make up our found and real alter pieces. I try to find the small details that speak to a subconscious bringing recognition and intrigue, a familiarity, but not necessarily a comfort.
   The collection of images in this portfolio finds beauty in the stories and responses they bring out of the viewer; the relationship made by the individual to these scenes and objects that they really have never known is the real life force behind the photos.



all images copyright eva schmidt 2004